Mercury Engineering/CyrusOne, Frankfurt, Germany. Roof design & construction.

Mercury Engineering/Equinix, Frankfurt, Germany. Full external envelope & roof design.

Warrington Youth Zone, Warrington, UK

Cladding and Roof Design / Caddick Construction / MAC Roofing

P1 Hotels, Manchester Airport ( Holiday Inn Hotel, Ibis Budget Hotel ) UK

Roof Insulation Design / BCEGI / MAC Roofing

Globe & Simpson / St.John's, Manchester, UK

Roof Insulation Design/ Allied London / MAC Roofing

Paddington Village Hotel, Liverpool, UK

Insulation Design / Morgan Sindall Group / MAC Roofing

Plot C1 Apartments, Salford, UK

Roof Insulation Design / Morgan Sindall Group / Mac Roofing

Milburngate House, Durham, UK

Cladding and Roof Design / Tolent / MAC Roofing

Big Yellow, Brighton and Hove, UK

Wall Cladding and Roof Design / McLaren Construction / MAC Roofing

Equinix HH1, Hamburg, Germany

Roof Insulation & Cladding Design / Mercury / DWS Systembau

One Thames City, London, UK

Roof Design / R&F Group / MAC Roofing

Bracknell Data Center, UK

Roof & Facade Design / AC PLC